Bioassess: Enhancing assessment in the biological sciences

One of the principal purposes of this project was to develop and disseminate resources to support and enhance the assessment of learning in the biological sciences in Australian universities. Broad consultation took place through interviews, state-based roundtable discussions and two national seminars as university staff and students were asked for their experience with assessment in the biological sciences. Through these discussions, examples of innovation and effective assessment strategies developed on the basis of considered, reflective practice were highlighted, as well as recurrent themes of concern around several key issues - none of which are unique to the life sciences.

The major outcome of this project is the Enhancing Assessment in the Biological Sciences website which contains a comprehensive suite of resources to promote effective assessment practice in higher education covering the types of assessment in use, the key issues for staff, and resources to support enhanced curriculum design and development.

Kerri-Lee Harris & Kerri-Lee Krause (formerly CSHE - now Griffith)
Team members
Robin Garnett, Dawn Gleeson (Melbourne), Mary Peat (Sydney) and Charlotte Taylor (Sydney)
Funded by
Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (now Australian Teaching and Learning Council)