Online professional development for supervisors of graduate researchers

Online professional development for supervisors of graduate researchers

This online program allows academic staff who are eligible to supervise graduate researchers at the University of Melbourne to undertake new-to-supervision and/or refresher training at a time that suits their busy academic schedule.


Supervisor online training is now available through TrainMe.

To enrol in the course, please login though Google Chrome.

  1. Sign into TrainME:
  2. Click Learning and then Course Catalogue.
  3. In the Search field, type [Supervisor GR Online Course 11-Jan-17].
  4. Click Enrol.
  5. Complete all sections.

If you need any assistance through the sign-up process, please contact us at

Once you have completed all three modules, and the case study responses, your completed training record will be updated overnight in Themis.

To see your training record, log in to Themis: go to UoM Staff self service > Performance and Development > Training and Development > go to the Learning History tab > expand the External Learning bar.

Please read our FAQ

What if I have already started the course in the LMS Community?

You can choose to switch to TrainMe, or complete your training in the LMS Community.

Everyone already in the LMS Community will have until 31 March 2018 to complete their training. The LMS community will be switched Please note that the following information will apply if you choose to complete your training in the LMS version. The LMS Community access will be switched off on March 1 2018.

If you are already in the LMS community, please make sure you follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 - Participate

Once you have enrolled and received email notification that confirms your access, you can access the program by logging in to the LMS ( You will have three months to complete the program. To complete the program, work through the modules in order from module 1 to 3. Please ensure that you have completed each activity, especially in modules 2 and 3, as these activities will confirm your completion of the program.

Step 2 - Complete

Upon successful completion, your data will be entered into Themis as part of your official professional development record. This data is updated once per month only, within one working week of the 28th of each month.

Faculties will be able to track and report on completions after this time. Individuals can also check their training record listed under UoM Staff Self Service - Performance and Development - then Training and Development in Themis after this time. We will email you when the upload is complete and your training record has been updated.

I am an honorary staff member for purposes of supervision of a graduate researcher, and I don’t have, or have forgotten my UoM username and password – what do I do?

Please contact your local departmental or faculty administrators or faculty HR contact to ensure your application to be an honorary staff member has been processed. If it has, and you have forgotten your username and password, please call 03 834 40888 and they will assist you.

I just completed the online program in the LMS, but I haven’t received an email to confirm this, and the training isn’t listed in my Themis training and development tab

Congratulations on completing the program! Unfortunately, the LMS doesn’t ‘speak’ to Themis, and so your completion of training details are not instantly updated in Themis. Lots of supervisors complete their training every week, and these details are collated and bulk uploaded into Themis by our staff once per month. As the bulk upload process isn’t automated, it takes a little while for us to complete – we guarantee that if you have completed your training before the 28th of the month, the details will be uploaded into Themis within 1 working week of the 28th. We’ll email you when this has been finished so you know.

I got an email from you that says my training details have been uploaded into Themis, but I can’t see the program listed in the Training and Development Tab in Themis

This is because the bulk upload process records your online supervisor training under ‘external training’. It’s called ‘external training’ because it’s conducted external to Themis. To see your training record, log in to Themis:

go to UoM Staff self service > Performance and Development > Training and Development > go to the Learning History tab > expand the External Learning bar – it should be listed there.

I completed the program before the 28th, received an email saying my data has been uploaded to Themis, and checked under External Training and still don’t see my training completion details

Email us at and we’ll assist you.

Enquiries and contacts

For queries relating to policy or faculty specific delivery of this online program, please contact:

Professor Sophie Arkoudis
T: +61 3 8344 7434

For general queries about the program, including assistance with enrolment, please contact:

Ms Aminata Doumbia
T: +61 3 8344 5355