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Application process

For applicants who have completed the MULT90022 Indigenous Research subject or obtained the Professional Certificate in Indigenous Research

  1. Complete the Online Application.
  2. Send the following supporting documentation by email to the Course Coordinator:
    • Completed Supplementary Application Form.
    • A one-paragraph Statement of Support from your Supervisor indicating why they have have nominated you or why they think you are a good candidate for the course. For those close to submission, this statement must also indicate that you will be able to complete the assessment requirements of the course.
    • Your thesis title and abstract.
    • A 200-word statement by you as the applicant describing:
      • The career path you have followed (or expect to follow) after completing your Research Higher Degree
      • The leadership role(s) you are playing (or expect to play) in relation to research
      • What  you hope to learn from the course, including how it might enhance your leadership capacity in relation to academic and other communities, including Indigenous.

For all other applicants

In addition to the above steps, applicants must also provide the following documentation in hard copy to the Course Coordinator:

  • Evidence of a completed doctoral degree. If this is not apparent from your transcript -  for example, if you have submitted your thesis but not yet received a  result - your supervisor's statement of support should clarify this.
  • Evidence  of demonstrable engagement with key issues in Indigenous research. If  your thesis was on an Indigenous topic, a key chapter from your thesis will be sufficient evidence. If your thesis was not on an Indigenous  topic, other sources of evidence will be required, such as a paper you have published on an Indigenous topic or a report on a community-based research project you were involved in. Please discuss this with the Course Coordinator before applying.

Course coordinator and contacts

The Course Coordinator and contact person for enquiries about this course is:

Dr Emmaline Bexley
Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
T: +61 3 8344 8436

For administration enquiries, such as documents for application and how to enrol, please contact:

Ms Dina Uzhegova
Program Officer, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
T: +61 3 8344 3087