Higher education accreditation in Vietnam: current status and challenges, and possible lessons from Australia

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For better integration to ASEAN higher education, accreditation of Vietnam’s higher education is under a new reform by fully applying the accreditation frameworks designed by AUN-QA for all institutions and programs. In this presentation, Associate Professor Le Van Hao aims to introduce current approaches and also challenges in higher education accreditation in Vietnam under that reform, and possible lessons from Australia, especially the self-accreditation mechanism, which are expected to enhance the sustainability of program accreditation in Vietnam. Discussions from audience on these lessons are greatly appreciated as they could make the lessons much more feasible in the context of Vietnam.

About the Presenter

Associate Professor Le Van Hao graduated in physics in 1981, followed by a Master’s in education at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada in 1996, and then earned his PhD in education at the University of Melbourne in 2001. His research interests include teaching and assessment methodology, quality assurance and accreditation, and university management. He is currently the Director of Quality Assurance and Inspection Department at Nha Trang University, a member of accreditation board and external assessment teams in Vietnam. Associate Professor Le Van Hao has a three-month visit (from 15 Feb. 2017) funded by Endeavour at MCSHE as a visiting scholar.

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