Assessing the Impact of Argument Mapping on Critical Thinking Skills: Tim van Gelder

Chisholm Theatre, Babel Building, The University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus


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Erin Turner

T: 03 8344 2591


Argument maps are just diagrams showing the structure of reasoning.  A growing body of studies indicate that creating these maps can substantially enhance critical thinking skills.  This talk will present a meta-analytic review of these studies, against the backdrop of one teacher's quixotic attempts, over many years, to help students reason and argue more effectively.


Dr Tim van Gelder is an applied epistemologist with a background in philosophy.  After getting a BA from the University of Melbourne, he did his PhD in Pittsburgh and then taught at Indiana University before returning to Melbourne on an ARC fellowship. Getting a bit restless, he teamed up with an old friend to create a micro consulting business, and a venture-funded software company.  He recently became Enterprise Fellow in the School of BioSciences, working on the SWARM Project (