Patricia Grimshaw Awards for Mentor Excellence

Recognising excellence in the mentoring of University colleagues, both professional and academic.

Recognising excellence in the mentoring of University colleagues, both professional and academic.

Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions as mentors, involving: a sustained record of effective mentoring; exceptional skills in the provision of support and the sharing of knowledge; and respect for the development of colleagues as individuals.

The University usually awards up to two Patricia Grimshaw Awards annually: one to a member of the University’s professional staff, and one to a member of the University’s academic staff. Each award includes a trophy and a grant of $10,000.

How to apply


Mentor: An individual who serves with positive influence as an experienced and trusted advisor in encouraging and promoting the professional development of others.

Mentorship:A mentorship is a relationship formed between a mentor and mentee with the goal of mutually sharing knowledge and expertise.

Honour Roll


Associate  Professor Lesley Stirling

School of  Languages and Linguistics, Faculty of Arts

For sustained commitment to promoting a Faculty culture of mentoring  for both students and staff, to create an environment where students can thrive.


Professor Geoff Stevens

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Melbourne School of Enginering

For his dedicated mentorship of staff and students at the institution that has led to them having successful careers both inside and outside of academia. Geoff’s mentoring has been a key factor for numerous young engineers in building confidence, developing networks and setting career directions. He encourages collaborations and regularly opens opportunities for younger staff and students.


Professor Gordon Lynch

Department of Physiology

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences

Gordon Lynch has a distinguished record of excellence in mentoring students and staff which has been recognised with the University’s Research Higher Degree Supervision Award in 2008 and in 2009 he received a national Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning for over 15 years of mentoring of students in biomedical science. Gordon has mentored multiple winners of the Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the PhD and he has already mentored 20 postdoctoral fellows; with many achieving independent success in academia and industry.  These include winners of the Premier’s Award for Medical Research and the Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award. Gordon cherishes the extensive mentoring he conducts through his role as Head of the Department of Physiology.


Mr Tim Brabazon

Melbourne Graduate School of Education


Professor Doreen Thomas

Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering


(not awarded in 2010)



Associate Professor P. Margaret Brown

Early Learning, Development and Inclusion, Melbourne Graduate School of Education

in the areas of teacher education and early language developmentmore



Ms Margot Eden

Acting Manager, Science Student Centre, Faculty of Science

in the area of student advising – more


Professor Stephanie Trigg

School of Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts

in the area of medieval studies – more

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