Award for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Supervision

Recognising excellence in the supervision of research higher degree candidates, in any discipline.

Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding achievements across the various dimensions of excellence in supervision: the extent and range of their supervision activities; the positive outcomes for their students; their respect and support for students as individuals; their support for students’ career development; and their broader contribution to the development of supervisory practice within their faculties or across the University.

This award was introduced in 2006. It is a named award, named each year in honour of a leading University researcher and supervisor, past or continuing, in a field related to the award recipient's research area.

The University confers one Award for Research Higher Degree Supervision annually. The award includes a trophy and a grant of $10,000.

How to apply

Honour Roll


The Awards Selection Committee opted to make two awards this year:

Professor Marilyn Renfree

Faculty of Science
Accepted on behalf by Janet Hergt

Professor Robin Evans

Melbourne School of Engineering


Professor  Tim McCormack

Melbourne  Law School

For establishing a stimulating postgraduate research environment  that has produced a new generation of scholars and practitioners making a  profound contribution to international humanitarian law.


Award for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Supervision

Associate Professor Andrew Melatos

School of Physics, Faculty of Science

For his supervision that gives graduates superb technical and communication skills,

mature research judgment, and broad scientific networks. Associate Professor Melatos has assisted students in forging careers inside and outside research, from international postdoctoral fellowships in physics to sought-after jobs in industry and government.


The James Angus Award

Read about Professor A James Angus AO

Professor Mary Wlodek

Melbourne School of Graduate Research

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences

Mary Wlodek has made an outstanding contribution to the supervision of Research Higher Degree (RHD) candidates. As Deputy Dean, Melbourne School of Graduate Research, she provides training to new and experienced RHD supervisors on policies, procedures and best practice to support graduate researchers to successful completion. Mary has also led policy development and implementation to enhance RHD supervision and outcomes. Importantly, as a Professor in the Department of Physiology, Mary is well-known for her outstanding mentorship of RHD candidates to success in scholarships, travel grants, awards, first-author publications, timely completions, fellowships and academic positions. She champions the University's junior academics (graduate and early-career researchers) through convening the Start of Career and Early Career workshops.


The Awards Selection Committee opted to make two awards this year:


The Lyn Yates Award

Read about Professor Lyn Yates

Associate Professor David Beckett

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

in the area of adults’ vocational education and training - more


The Peter Doherty Award

Read about Professor Peter Doherty

Professor Stephen Kent

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

in the area of the development and testing of HIV vaccines - more


The Frank Larkins Award

Read about Professor Frank Larkins

Professor Mark Elgar

Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science


The Peter McPhee Award

Read about Professor Peter McPhee

Professor Kate Darian-Smith

Historical Studies, Faculty of Arts

in area of Australian history – more


The Barbara Evans Award

Read about Professor Barbara Evans

Professor Rachel Webster

Physics, Faculty of Science

in the area of astrophysics – more


The John McKennzie Award

Read about Professor John McKenzie

Professor Gordon Lynch

Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

in the areas of muscle physiology and physiotherapy more


The Malcolm Smith Award

Read about Professor Malcolm Smith

Professor Tim Lindsey

Melbourne Law School

in the area of Asian Law more


The Jim Pittard Award

Read about Emeritus Professor Jim Pittard

Associate Professor Philip Batterham

Department of Genetics / Bio 21, Faculty of Sciencein the area of Genetics of Insecticide Resistancemore